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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions version 1.2, 28.4.2022

1. Introduction


These Terms and Conditions of use and sale shall apply for the website access and the sale of products by Luv North on this website


This version 1.1 of Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale is applicable from 27 February, 2018, and until replaced or changed pursuant to Section 18 below.


2. Definitions

The “General Conditions” means the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

The  “Customer” means the party ordering Products on the Website or visiting the Website.

“Luv North” means Luv North Oy, Business ID 3242863-4, Fredrikinkatu 67 D 40, 00100 Helsinki which is the supplier of the Products provided on the Website.

The “Product(s)” means the products provided for sale on the Website and supplied by Luv North.

The  ”Order” means each order placed by the Customer on the Website.

The “Website” means Luv North’s website

“Working days” are regarded to be all the days of the year apart from Saturdays, Sundays, Midsummer’s Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, and any other public holidays.


3. Background


These terms and conditions apply to all consumers visiting Luv North’s (”the Company”) (“the Website”) and related pages connected to the website. The company’s contact information can be found on the website.

An individual may not purchase Products on the Website, and may not accept the Conditions of Use and Sale
(a) if the individual is not 18 years old and therefore not able to enter into a binding agreement with the Company, or
(b) the individual is prevented from receiving the Products or using the Website under applicable legislation applying in the country where the Customer is residing, or from which he or she is using the Website.


The Company has no liability for errors on the Website (such as typography in product descriptions and images), or in price changes due to suppliers, or currency changes. The Company has the right to extend the shipping time in case the product is out of stock. The Company has the right to change the information on the website at any time. In case of inaccurate prices, the Company will notify customers who have made the order and wait for their response and approval before continuing the ordering process. The imagery on the website that represents the jewelry can only be counted as illustrations of the products. Every item of jewelry is handmade and unique, which causes irregularities between different pieces of jewelry. These differences between different pieces and between jewelry and the images cannot be used as grounds for returns. Every product is manually checked for quality and appearance.


The Website and all its content is owned by the Company unless stated otherwise. All the  information and the content in the website is subject to the valid Intellectual Property Legislation and Marketing Legislation issued by the Finnish Government. Unauthorized usage of the Website and its content under prevailing Intellectual Property Legislation is prohibited without a written consent from the Company.


4. Orders and Login

When placing an order on the Website, the Customer accepts the General Conditions. By accepting the General Conditions, the Customer agrees to the Company’s policies, also policies regarding personal data handling and cookies. The Privacy Policy can be found here.

The Customer accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale by registering an account or by entering information on the checkout page when making a purchase. After making the purchase, the Customer receives a confirmation email after the purchase has been accepted by the Company. The confirmation email acts as a purchasing agreement and should be stored by the Customer as it contains important information regarding the purchase.

In addition to this Agreement, the Customer and the Company shall be bound by the terms and conditions in the Company’s Privacy Policy here.


5. Secrecy


The Customer’s username and password are secret information. The Customer is entirely responsible for keeping and using his or her username and password in an adequate manner to maintain the confidentiality of these details so that no unauthorized person can gain access to these details.

The Customer affirms that the information he or she supplies to the Company is correct and up to date. The Customer also takes responsibility for updating this information as necessary.

The Customer must immediately report to the Company, by e-mail to if there is any suspicion that an unauthorized person knows the Customer’s login information. The Customer is liable for immediately changing his or her password if it is lost, or if the Customer becomes aware that another person knows the Customer’s login information. The Customer is responsible for every unauthorized use caused by the unauthorized person’s actions in case of misuse.


6. Data and Cookies

The Company processes personal data to be able to be able to complete the purchase agreement and to create the best shopping experience possible. For this the Customer is responsible for providing accurate and complete information to the Company. Any errors in the information provided by the Customer is in their own responsibility. Complete information about the Company’s data processing can be found HERE.


The Company safeguards the Customer’s personal integrity and maintains high security standards in order to prevent infringements on data by unauthorised persons. When registering and using the Website to order Products, the Customer may be asked to provide certain data about himself/herself, such as name, user name, email address, telephone number, postal address etc. Such information about the Customer is private and confidential. The Company will not disclose this information to any unauthorised person. Luv North may, however, disclose data to authorities if there is suspicion of a criminal offence being committed or as otherwise required by law.

The Company uses “cookies” to optimize the functions of the Website and to adjust the Website to the Customer’s demands. A cookie is a text file that is either temporarily stored in the Customer’s computer memory (a “session cookie”) or placed on the Customer’s hard drive (a “persistent cookie”) by a web page server. The Company does not use cookies to run programs or deliver viruses to the computer.

Cookies are uniquely assigned to the Customer and the Customer’s computer and can only be read by a web server in the domain that issued the cookie. The purpose of a cookie is to tell the web server that you have returned to a specific page. When the Customer returns to the Company’s Website, cookies enable us to retrieve the information the Customer previously provided, so the Customer can easily use the features that he or she customized.

Information on the Company’s use of cookies is also provided in the Privacy Policy HERE.


7. Pricing, Payments and  Discounts


The Company holds the right to change the prices on the Website. The prices on the Website apply only on the Products sold through the Website. All the prices are presented in euros and include VAT. All additional costs, such as shipping costs or costs for customization, are presented separately.



All available payment methods are presented on the Website. More information about the available payment methods can be found on the payment method provider’s website. The Company has the right to change the offered payment methods at all times, and to alternatively ask customer to change the payment method if the selected method does not work at the time of the order. In this case, the Customer will be notified by the Company.



The Company may provide offers to the Customer on the website, which may have better conditions than those presented in the Terms and Conditions. The duration of the offer is presented in the description of the discount, as well as other limitations the offer may have. The Company reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time. In that case, these Terms and Conditions shall apply without any amendments.


8. Delivery and Shipping


Products that are marked in stock are shipped within five business days. Delivery of the Products is handled by a third party, and should not take longer than 30 working days from the day the Company has sent out the order. In case the delivery takes longer than 30 working days, the Customer can cancel the order.



Unless the order is delivered to the address, the Customer must pick up the order from appointed pick up location within a time frame provided by the delivery company. The delivery company is subject to provide additional information on how the order shall be retrieved. The Company is entitled to charge the customer an additional fee of XX€ in case the order is not retrieved within the time frame provided by the delivery company, unless otherwise agreed the Customer.


9. Withdrawing the Order


Regular cooling off period of 14 days applies to all products except to those products that have been customized or personalized. In those cases, the Customer will be clearly informed about this at the point of purchase. The right to withdraw is counted from the day on which the Customer receives the product and the period has to include at least 7 working days. The right to withdraw the order laps if the Customer has opened the sealed package and begun to use the Product.


The cancellation right can be exercised by sending an email to or by contacting the Company at +358 40 7186342. Upon cancellation of the Order the Customer shall order a return slip from the Company, fill out the return slip and send the Product back to the Company by trackable shipping.

If the Order is cancelled within the cooling off period, any fee the Customer may have paid for the Product will be refunded by the Company within thirty (30) days from the day that the Company received the returned Product. Depending on the shipping location, any additional Customs or Duty Charges, and VAT or local taxes, will not be refunded to the Customer. 


10. Warranty and  Complaints


The subject to warranty for each product is described in the product information on the Website. These warranties will only cover for any original manufacturing defects that can be proved. Normal wearing or other incidents caused by the Customer are not subject for the warranty.


If a Product is defective, the Customer has the right to claim repair, re-delivery, price reduction or compensation to rectify the defect, withhold payment, or, if the defect is of major importance to the Customer, cancel the Order.

In case of a defect Product or a delivery, the Company has a prior right to offer a repair or a re-delivery if it can be made within a reasonable time and without any additional costs for the Customer.

The defect noticed and reported by the Customer to the Company within a time limit of six (6) months, will be considered as an original defect, which must be remedied by the Company free of charge, unless the Company can prove that the defect was not present at the time of the sale. After the six months period, the Customer must prove that the Product had the original defect at the Delivery.

The Customer must contact the Company by methods mentioned in 9.2 as soon as the defect has been detected. Once the defect has been confirmed by the Company, the Customer must return the defect Product according to the instructions provided by the Company. After the Company has received the Product, accepted and confirmed the defect, and notified the Customer, the Company will refund the Customer in compliance with the consumer protection legislation. The refund shall be made within 30 days from confirmation and acceptance of the defect and any fee the Customer may have paid for the Product will be refunded by the Company within thirty (30) days from the day that the Company received the returned Product. Depending on the shipping location, any additional Customs or Duty Charges, and VAT or local taxes, will not be refunded to the Customer. If the Product is not seen defect by Luv North, the Product shall be returned to the Customer in 30 days. In case of disputes,the Company follows EU Online Dispute Resolution.


11. Exchanges

The Customer has the right to exchange the Product within fourteen (14) days from the day that the Customer received the Product.

Exchanges are not possible for products with custom-made engravings or otherwise customized products.

The Period for exchanges is counted from the day on which the Customer receives the Product. However, the Exchange Period is counted, at the earliest, from the day in which the Customer received the information provided in the Order Confirmation. The right to exchange laps if the Customer has begun to use the Product(s) during the Exchange Period and/or removed the seal from the Product(s).

The right to exchange is exercised by sending an email to or by contacting the Company at +358 40 7186342.

To be able to return the product for the exchange, the Customer has to fill out a return slip and send the Product by trackable shipping. The shipping fee for the return is free of charge if the return slip is used for the return. It is possible to exchange a product for another size or length. If the customer wants to change to the purchased product to another product, the exchange will be treated as a cancellation of the Order (Section 9).


12. Force Majeure

The Company shall be relieved from liability for a failure to perform any of its obligations due to any circumstance which impedes, delays, or aggravates any obligation to be fulfilled under this Agreement, such as, but not limited to, acts or omissions of authorities, new or changed legislation, conflict on the labour market, strike, fire, flood, shortage of transport means, goods or energy or major accidents as well as defects or delay related to deliveries from sub-contractors caused by any such circumstances (“Force Majeure”).

When the Company desires to invoke an event of Force Majeure, the Company shall notify the Customer thereof without unreasonable delay.

Without limiting the Customer’s rights under delays, the Customer is entitled to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect by notifying the Company if the fulfilment of any material obligation under this Agreement should be delayed due to a Force Majeure event by more than three (3) months.


13. Changes to General Conditions


These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the Customer and the Company and shall govern the Customer’s purchase of the Product(s). The Company reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. All changes will be communicated through the Website and are subject to all new orders. Upon a purchase, the Customer accepts the Terms and Conditions automatically and is expected to have read them through.


14. Choice of Law

Finnish law shall apply for this Agreement, without to its principles of conflicts of laws. Any disputes shall be determined either by a Finnish court of general jurisdiction or in the courts of the country where the Customer is domiciled.


15. Contact

Communication between the Customer and the Company occurs via email, by telephone or ordinary mail as follows:

Luv North Oy
Company ID: 3242863-4
Phone number: +358 40 7186342

Email, phone number and address: as per the latest details given by the Customer to the Company.

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