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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy date 01.09.2019

 Luv North Oy (3242863-4)

Luv North is a Finnish design brand for gold plated and silver jewelry and other accessories. All the items are designed and produced in Finland. 

Luv North processes personal data in line with the privacy principles established by the GDPR. This means that personal data is processed in a lawful, fair and transparent way. Only the necessary and relevant data is collected, processed and stored for the purposes of providing the best possible services for our customers and future customers. 

1. Name and Address of the Controller

Luv North Oy
Fredrikinkatu 67 D 40 
00100 Helsinki

Contact person

Laura Paananen
Fredrikinkatu 67 D 40, 00100 Helsinki
+358 40 7186342

2. Collecting and processing personal data 

LUV NORTH collects personal data from registered and unregistered customers as well as unregistered users of the website. 

From the customers, LUV NORTH collects name, contact information, and browser information for sending products, for marketing purposes, and for the website to work properly. 

Luv North collects also data from website visitors for the website to work properly and to monitor our service quality. 

When contacting the Luv North customer service, the Company collects the Customer’s name and email and/or telephone number, IP-address, all communication information, and other information provided during the communication. Depending on the case, the customer service might also ask for other contact information. Other technical information, such as used device and operating system, and analytics from our website visits are recorded and stored accordingly.

All the data is collected and processed for legitimate business interest for holding marketing campaigns and for providing the best service possible to our customers. The Company does not use the information provided to direct marketing without a consent from the Customer. The data is not to be transferred outside of the EU. 

The personal data provided by the Customer is used to fulfill the purchasing agreement made by the Customer and the Company. 

3. Storing the data 

As Luv North is an independent national retailer, the Company will not transfer any personal data relating to the customers outside of the company. In order to be able to reach loyal customers through advertising, the company may disclose information about the customers (name, email address) to our advertisers for marketing purposes. The advertiser is a service provider to the Company, and has been reviewed for all data storing practices prior to the partnership.

Luv North will not transfer the Customer’s personal data outside of the organization unless the  Customer has given consent to the transfer or the transfer is based on law. 

4. Deleting data

The customer data is stored for three years from the latest update of the date, and the Customer can at any point ask Luv North to erase the data definitely and to ask Luv North to delete the Customer from all the mailing lists and other direct marketing lists. All analytical data from the website is stored for five years for analysing purposes. 

5. Customer Rights

The Customer has the right to ask the Company to enclose all available data about the Customer. The Customer also has the right to ask how their personal data has been used inside the company, including how long the data is being stored and if the data has been transferred. 

In case the Customer notices the data relating to them is incorrect, they have a right to ask for the Company to correct it. In case the correction can not be made through the Customer’s own Customer Information page, the Customer should contact the company via the contact information provided in Section 4. 

The Customer has the right to ask the Company to delete all the data referring to the Customer. Only in case the Company has legal obligations to store the data, the Company can refuse to execute the request. 

The Customer has the right to refuse from direct marketing, and limit the usage of their personal data for marketing purposes. 

In case the Customer finds the performed activities concerning data privacy insufficient or to be non-compliant with prevailing Finnish national law, they may file a complaint. 

6. Third parties

Third parties who have limited access to customer data are 

  1. The payment provider Checkout and Holvi for handling payment processes and all relevant information related to that,
  2.  Google for website analytics and data storage,
  3. Mailchimp for customer newsletters,
  4. Eventbrite for sending event invites
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