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Luv North – Jewelery Care Guide

What kind of jewelry stands the test of time? A timeless design carries year after year, from everyday life to celebration and from one generation to the next.

A timeless jewelry also must stand the test of time in its more literal sense – everyday wear-resistant jewelry is high quality in material and designed for everyday use. A durable piece of jewelry respects the life around it. It can only be realized through ethics and ecology.

We want timelessness to be at the heart of Luv North. That is why our jewelry uses high-quality, durable and ethically produced, recycled materials that, when well cared for, can withstand everyday wear and tear and remain beautiful from year to year. You can find more information about the materials of your jewelry and their care instructions here.


14k solid gold is the match for an active lifestyle. It hardly scratches and doesn’t bend or wear as rapidly as 18k solid gold. Luv North gold jewelry is made from 100% recycled 14 carat gold. Gold jewelry charms not only their beauty but also their durability: gold jewelry does not oxidize or discolor and is more resistant to wear than gilded jewelry. You will find the 585 stamp on our gold jewelry.

  • Regularly clean your jewelry of accumulated grease and dirt.
  • For cleaning, you can use either cleaning cloths from gold shops or warm water and mild soap.
  • Polish the jewelry with a soft clean cloth.
  • Store your gold jewelry in a dry place.


Gold-plated silver jewelry is a more affordable alternative to genuine gold jewelry. However, unlike gold-colored metal jewelry, gold-plated silver can also be re-gilded as needed, allowing the jewelry to last virtually forever.

Our gold-plated silver jewelry is made from recycled 925 silver (min 80% recycled) and is gilded with 24 carat gold. Gilding is done in a safe (non-toxic) fashion. We use 2.0 microns thick plating over sterling silver. All of our 24k gold mint pieces are stamped with “925”. Jewelery gilding lasts for normal use, but in daily use, gilding eventually erodes due to abrasion from clothes and rubbing of the buckle and loops against each other. The speed at which the gold plating wears will depend for instance from skincare products used, level of perspiration and skin PH. This is why it is so important to take special care of your gilded jewelry.

  • When not in use, store gold-plated silver jewelry in a dry, airtight container.
  • Jewelry should also be removed before hand washing, showering or playing sports. This is the best way to avoid oxidation and tarnishing
  • Wear the jewelry only after you have added moisturizer, perfume and other cosmetics to your skin.
  • Clean the jewelry regularly with a cleaning cloth or mild soap and warm water. IMPORTANT: Gold-plated jewelry requires more care. Using your toothbrush very intensely may cause the gold plating to wear away, so it is very important that you do this process very carefully to avoid eroding the gold plating
  • If you want a new gilding of your Luv North jewelry, we can do it for you (contact:


Our 925-labeled Sterling silver jewelry is made of 92.5% silver and 7.25% copper. We only use recycled silver in our jewelry (min 80% recycled silver). Each silver producer and the origin of the supplier is verified.

One of the natural properties of silver is that it can change color or darken over time. Silver jewelry that has been well cared for, lasts a long time.

  • When not in use, store the silver jewelry in a dry, airtight container. Jewelry should be stored away from direct Sunlight and heat, in a protective (lined) jewelry box Luv North boxes are not made for airtight storage – tarnishing will occur over time.
  • The jewelry should also be removed before washing hands, showering or playing sports. This is the best way to avoid oxidation and tarnishing
  • Wear the jewelry after you have used a moisturizer, perfume and other cosmetics to your skin.
  • Clean the jewelry regularly with a cleaning cloth or mild soap and warm water. You can use a soft children’s toothbrush for cleaning.

Text: Suvi Annola, Photos: Mikael Kuitunen

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The Look: Meri Milash – The best thing in my work is to help people see themselves in a new light

I would describe my style as bold and I often stand out from the crowd with my attire.

My style choices often vary and I get inspired by other people. However, the most important factor guiding my choices is always how I feel about the clothes and accessories – it does not matter a lot to me what others think about it. My style icon since childhood must definitely be Grace Jones.

I’m not particularly interested in talking about fashion, I prefer to talk about styles. Talking about fashion often focuses on trends and what is something new and coming and I don’t want to think about dressing so narrowly.

For me, the clothes I wear signify, above all, self-expression, which is a much more personal matter than time-bound trends. I’m thankful for the many great fashion designers I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with. More than the actual fashion I’m inspired by the creativity, expressiveness, and passion of designers. I have learned a lot from many of the designers I meet, perhaps most of all, their ability to read the needs of their customers and their ability to serve their customers without compromising their own vision.

I draw my inspiration from my work above all from other people. The opportunity to help people see themselves differently is dear to me. Often people may see themselves in a certain way throughout their lives. When a stylist looks at his/her client, he/she can at best challenge that and awaken the customer to see their own splendour in a whole new light. Such awakening can happen to anyone – for example, to a model who is always dressed in a certain way.

People can often be stuck with a certain perception of themselves and what kind of clothes and accessories are right for them. Then new and inspiring things might be disregarded, thinking that they do not fit. To anyone who would like to develop an individual style, I would encourage you to try different combinations of the safe and familiar style.  You can start, for example, from your own wardrobe and combine as many different clothes and accessories as possible.

I love jewelry! It plays a big role in my style. My boxes have different types of jewelry: some jewelry I wear every day, on other days, I love to combine my style with spectacular jewelry. One of the pieces of jewelry that appeals to me the most is the Kalevala jewelry of Finland female lion pendant. The female lion has strong symbolism – it restores the importance of the lion to what it is meant to be. My favorite jewelry from Luv North is Maryam Razavi’s The Sun Necklace. The jewelry is beautiful and delicate and carries with it some kind of force that is hard for me to name.

As much as I love makeup, I’m the laziest person to make up. This is why I usually invest in two kinds of beauty care: good skincare products and lipstick. With good lipstick, in particular, the look is always well-groomed. On the other hand, wearing no makeup is also important to me because it is important to like one’s own face without makeup. At its best, makeup is wonderful to play with. However, that play should always be built on the foundation that you really like yourself as is.

The Look interview with Meri Milash – a Helsinki-based stylist and hairstylist.
Text: Suvi Annola, Photos: Laura Paananen

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Christmas’s most magical gifts – Luv North x The Folks Hotel

Whatever our loved ones deserve – even the moon.

How to express the importance of loved ones, especially now when we have an abundance of material possessions? 

The most loved gifts stand the test of time and are never forgotten. The best ones travel with us throughout our entire lives. For that reason, we decided to combine timeless beauty and unforgettable experiences to this year’s gift ideas in collaboration with the Folks Hotel

The Folks Hotel Konepaja offers gift cards to a staycation in an urban Helsinki milieu. The Folks Hotel concept combines luxury with the convenience of a hostel.  “We see ourselves as an urban lifestyle hotel that has people at the core. We frequently receive positive feedback about the homeliness of our hotel but our customers are also thankful for offering inspiration to the mundane routines of daily life.” says the CEO of Folks Hotels Oy: Aki Keskitalo

The collaboration between Luv North and the Folks Hotel is founded on a mutual value base that combines Nordic values, ecology, and wellbeing. Both offer their customers first-rate quality products without compromising on sustainability. 

“In addition to the shared values, it brings me a lot of joy to see that the Folks is supporting domestic small entrepreneurs – for instance, they have opted for various Finnish ceramics and arts in their interior design. The hotel architecture is spectacularly designed to delight every aesthetic person’s mind and heart” says Laura Paananen from Luv North. 

“We see Luv North’s and the Folks Hotel Konepaja’s customers valuing individuality and experiences as well as sustainability, whether they are something you wear or live”. Aki Keskitalo concludes.

The Moon Hoops

The Folks Hotel offers gift cards with custom value and different gift card packages. To celebrate Christmas the selection includes Luv North’s and the Folks Hotel’s collaborative gift card (HERE), which includes accommodation in the Superior class incl. buffet breakfast for two in the praised restaurant Albina and one gilded The Moon necklace designed by Maryam Razavi

The Moon Necklace in gold


Text: Suvi Annola, Photos: Laura Iikkanen and Laura Paananen

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The Moon by Maryam Razavi

We have the honor to present The Moon, designed by Maryam Razavi, Finnish stylist, model, author, and tv-hostess. Razavi’s first-ever jewelry design collaboration was launched in fall 2019. The Moon is a new drop for her The Universe In You collection. 

 The Moon – The perfect jewelry for a moonchild

“I have always identified myself as a Moon Child. For me, the night is a time to dream and wonder, and I feel most creative at night. The Moon jewelry symbolizes that magical nighttime. Above all, I wish that The Moon reminds its wearer of the magic we all have in us. The design is inspired by a Persian mosaic jewelry box we have had in our home since I was a child”, explains Razavi. 

The Moon Hoops in gold 

The Universe In You – The story behind the name of the collection is simple: we have the whole universe within us. The universe reflects the idea that every one of us is enough just the way we are and everything is connected. Although the message of the collection has a personal meaning to Razavi, she highlights that anyone can relate to the values of family, roots, loyalty, sustainability, and the fact that everything is connected. 

The Moon Necklace in gold

The Moon Necklace in silver

Last but not least, the other side of the Moon pendant has a love letter. It is a hand-written text by Maryam Razavi and it says “You are Magic”.

The Universe In You Collection can be purchased HERE.

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Ask the Designer – Maryam Razavi: What makes jewelry so meaningful for me

This spring, we complemented the Maryam Razavi’s stunning The Universe In You collection with The Hoops earrings. Inspiring fashion expert Maryam – model, stylist, presenter, and designer – sat with us to discuss what jewelry trends will look like in 2021.

What kind of Jewelry trends are you enthusiastic about in 2021?

In the Corona year, I have thrown the trends in the trash and set off more about what I feel is wonderful and empowering. It is crucial to me that clothes and the accessories I wear are the ones that make me feel good and through which I can be more connected to myself.


How do you connect Jewelry to different situations?

I love jewelry, and I am the kind of person who even sleeps with jewelry! I do not have separate casual or party jewelry, I want my jewelry to fit every situation. Even delicate jewelry can be spectacular and perfect for parties, and yet appropriate in cocktail events. My style is relatively carefree, and I tend to adjust my style quickly with accessories – for example, by switching to heels, I can easily shift from one mood to another.

How do you make designed pendants and rings work with different outfits?

Because The Sun pendant and earrings are so graceful, they easily match with different styles and other jewelry. I love layering different jewelry in the same outfit and indeed, I am pretty open-minded about combining jewelry. I can wear for example diamond or pearl jewelry and complement them with other types of jewelry.

What do you think fashion will look like in the near future?

Based on the fashion weeks, the jewelry is trending towards larger pieces on the other hand but also in a more elegant direction. Generally, on trends, there are a lot of translucent, fringes, and beautiful silhouettes. The earthy tones accentuate the colors along with the neon colors. I think many of us have a desire to bloom again after a year spent mostly at home due to Corona.

What does Jewelry mean for you? 

Jewelry means a lot to me. Jewelry is somehow magical – like amulets – and I want the jewelry to always go with me. Jewelry creates meaning through the story it represents. At its best, jewelry has tremendous power: they empower, reminds you about your worth and cultivates your graceful and elegant presence.


Text: Suvi Annola and photos: Laura Paananen

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Ask the designer – Laura Paananen: Responsible, high quality, and timeless jewelry

Behind every great story is the meaningful and inspirational path. We caught up with the founder Laura Paananen in her Helsinki home to hear about the secrets of Luv North and hear more stories behind everyday luxury goods.

What is the most important message of Luv North jewelry?

We strongly believe that jewelry is not just a celebration, but every day, every moment – and above all, for everyone. We want to design modern jewelry that allows anyone, regardless of gender, to easily express themselves in their daily lives. We want our jewelry to last a long time and not age after one season.

How is Luv North different from other fashion influences?

We want our brand to be communal and interactive. The first collaborative collections were designed with Maryam Razavi in ​​2019 and we also want to make interesting designers known through our brand and jewelry.

Interactivity and community also mean that our brand focuses not only on our designers but also on our customers and the community that follows us: we involve our followers in social media channels, for example in the design and product development of future collections, and market our jewelry through the popular brand ambassador program.

On the other hand, we want our customer service to be as accessible as possible and therefore our customer service can be approached not only by traditional e-mail but also by private messages on Facebook and Instagram.




What is your biggest source of inspiration when designing jewelry?

I draw inspiration for our jewelry above all from nature – near and far. Luv North has its roots deep in Savo, in the middle of forests and lakes. On the one hand, we are inspired by the national landscape of Lapland, on the other hand, by urban and maritime Helsinki. Nature conservation and the principles of sustainable development are important to us and we want them to play a central role in everything we do. For example, we take these principles into account in all our raw material choices and strive to find the producers of our jewelry materials as close as possible and produced them as responsibly as possible.


What makes Luv North jewelry high quality and responsible?

Our jewelry can be used with a clear conscience, as all our jewelry is designed, manufactured, and packaged in Finland. Our jewelry is handmade both in Vallila, Helsinki, and in the heart of Savo in Suonenjoki, with my father.

We ensure the transparency of the jewelry production process from product materials to all stages of the production chain. We know the origins of the materials of all our products already at the jewelry design stage and we know all our partners well.

I initially did not think that I am building a particularly responsible brand, but now I can say that we have it. In responsibility, we want to get better every day.


The Sun Hoops are part of The Universe In You Collection designed by Maryam Razavi.

What motivated you to work as a jewelry entrepreneur? How do you feel proud?

Luv North is a young jewelry brand as we will soon be only six years old. In six years, however, there has been a lot of growth. A month ago, Fashion Finland – one of the longest-running fashion industry communities – highlighted Luv North as the future gold grain of jewelry alongside a few other jewelry brands (link to the article). This and many of our other jewelry First Steps motivated me to continue with the story of Luv North. I hope that one day we could become a strong Nordic jewelry design brand.


Text: Suvi Annola, photos: Nikita Tikka and Laura Paananen

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Luv North handmade Jewelry worn by Finnish pop artist Antti Tuisku

Finnish pop artist Antti Tuisku wore Luv North handmade silver Hoops in the popular Live TV show The Voice of Finland. Behind Antti Tuisku’s style is talented and well-known stylist Vesa Silver.


The Sun earring in silver fitted perfectly to the attire. The story behind the earring also matched the mood and tune. It may not be apparent to the viewer but it does make a difference. There is a reason why exactly this earring was worn. The earring knows no boundaries and it can be worn by anyone. Because of the hoop it was possible to link it with Antti Tuisku’s plug jewelry”. Vesa Silver, stylist


The hand-made Sun Necklace and Hoops are designed by stylist and model
Maryam Razavi. The Universe In You collection is inspired by her grandmother’s sunburst mirror, which gave its shape to the collections’ first two pieces, The Sun necklaces, and The Sun Hoops. 

Luv North jewelry has been seen on the top of many Finnish actress celebrities but also in the music stars. Among familiar Finland faces, for example, actress Alina Tomnikov has dressed Luv North on a red carpet on a couple of premieres. The favorite TV host of Finland, Vappu Pimiä, wore a Luv North necklace in the closing ceremony of the popular TV program Maajussille Morsian in 2020. Super skilled actress Minka Kuustonen wore Luv North’s jewelry in the Suurmestari TV program in 2021. Pop artist Petra Gargano has seen Luv North’s jewelry on her social media and in the Finnish daily newspaper Iltalehti. Piritta Hagman starred as a tv host and the media person wore Luv North’s jewelry on Fit magazine covers.

Talking about magazines, Luv North jewelry has appeared in several Finnish media, such as Anna, Seura, and Me Naiset. If you looking for something stylish for the upcoming spring, you can always get pair of the Sun Hoops in silver from HERE.  


Photos: Antti Tuisku´s photos: The Voice of Finland / Nelonen / Saku Tiainen, the Hoops: Laura Paananen

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Luv North jewelry are created in collaboration with goldsmith Tero Hannonen

Each special story contains several narrators. The first voice in the story of Luv North jewelry belongs to the designer, after which the story continues in the hands of the jeweler.


High quality, domestic craftsmanship: We make some of our jewelry ourselves. Some are made in Alppila, Helsinki – at the workshop of goldsmith Tero Hannonen. Hannonen’s goldsmith’s company, which invests in high-quality handicrafts and design, has been operating for more than 15 years. Luv North’s designs take shape at Alppila’s workshop using a casting technology: 3D modeling is carried out on the basis of the designer’s sketch, after which the first prototypes are 3D-printed and casted into prototypes. 

The Universe In You Collection, our first design collaboration designed by Finnish stylist, model, author, and tv-hostess, Maryam Razavi.

Quality jewelry is always based on high-quality materials: Gold (14k)  and sterling silver (925) are not only durable but also recyclable virtually forever. Making jewelry by hand requires more diverse skills from the creator than what is commonly recognized. In addition to mastering creativity, eye and hand seamless coordination and fine motor skills, a skilled jeweler is also required to have knowledge of chemistry. A goldsmith mixes alloys from different metals and removes tarnish using chemistry and metallurgy. Importantly, every work step must respect the aesthetic nature of the jewelry.

The diversity of the work gives significance to Hannonen’s work: “Making handicraft jewelry involves versatile and creative problem-solving where you can immediately see the result of your work.”

The jewelry is polished, and finally, gilded.

However, the most rewarding thing for a craftsman is the positive feedback received from customers. Turning customers’ ideas into reality is one of the job’s the most rewarding aspects to Tero.

Cooperation with a skilled jeweler has been seamless. “We brought Tero an idea for The Sun pendant on checkered paper and shortly after we received 3D modeling of the gorgeous jewelry,” says Laura Paananen, founder of Luv North.


The Sun got its shape from our second designer Maryam Razavi’s memory of her grandmother’s old sunburst mirror, reminding her of her Iranian roots.

The artisan continues the story that the designer has started and eventually moves it on to the next narrator – the first new wearer of the jewelry. Find your piece of jewelry here:


The Sun necklace available in silver and gold plated.

Text: Suvi Annola, photos: Laura Paananen

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Designer Stories: Maryam Razavi

Luv North’s second Designer Story is about Maryam Razavi, Finnish stylist, model, author, and tv-hostess, who is known for her kindness and work ethics. Razavi’s first-ever jewelry design collaboration was launched in fall 2019, and the jewelry has already be seen in several Finnish magazines.

Razavi has Finnish-Iranian roots, which inspired her to look deeper into those fond memories from her childhood. “There’s so much beauty and inspiration everywhere. That’s why I always keep my eyes, ears, and heart open. The Universe In You Collection is inspired by my most personal memories of my family and Iranian roots. Being able to go back to my childhood through the jewelry I’ve designed instantly warms up my heart and brings a smile to my face”, explains Razavi.

The Universe In You collection is inspired by her grandmother’s sunburst mirror, which gave its shape to the collections’ first two pieces, The Sun necklaces. The story behind the name of the collection is simple: we have the whole universe within us. The universe reflects the idea that every one of us is enough just the way we are and everything is connected. Although the message of the collection has a personal meaning to Razavi, she highlights that anyone can relate to the values of family, roots, loyalty, sustainability, and the fact that everything is connected. Razavi sums up that “only by being kind to each other and the earth we will accomplish great things”.

The Universe In You Collection can be purchased HERE.


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Pure recycled materials, Finnish design and handicraft: this is how our jewels are made

There is a focused but warm atmosphere at the factory. Sudden knocks of the hammer interrupted by a whirr of the drill. Blue sunlight flickering through the window. Pieces of noble metal on the strong dark wooden table. Laura is working on a new jewel with her dad. A couple of questions with their answers. Every now and then burst of laughter. This is the kind of precious father-daughter time many people can only dream of. And this is the kind of atmosphere in which every Luv North jewel starts to take shape.

The path of a jewel from an idea to you is special and so, we want to share it with you. We also want to be open about how we in Luv North value high-quality materials and a transparent sustainable manufacturing process.

Thus, the story of every jewel ever made starts from the materials. In Luv North we use only pure 14k gold which is 100% recycled., Also, our silver is 92,5% pure and 80% recycled. 92,5% silver is commonly used in jewels because 100% silver would be too soft. The 7,5% of silver jewels are made of copper, which is stronger than silver. We use gold and silver because they are some of the most sustainable materials in the world and, thus, most suitable for recycling. Besides, they are beautiful. We don’t use any other metals in our jewelry to make them last time and be safe for users with nickel or other allergies. This way you can be sure your Luv North jewel is environmentally friendly, safe, pure, and no kind of gilded bauble.

The first phase of bringing the medals to life is to cut them. At this point, Laura takes the materials to her hometown to her dad, who has a carpenter background and who has all the skills to treat the metal as strongly but gently and carefully as it has to be treated. After cutting the plates, Laura’s dad stamps the jewel and then punches them if needed. Every jewel that weighs over 15 grams has to be stamped and this you can see in your jewel in for of the letters LUV. After the letters, the numbers tell you what is the percentage of gold or silver in the jewel.

To Laura, the founder of Luv North, it is really important, that her father works with her with the jewels. It makes the process special when it is not just anybody producing the jewelry. It is also important, that everything is 100% handmade.

The last phase in the process is to polish the jewel, perfect the surface, take out all the edges or other marks the cutting has caused. This is done either with sandpaper or a fine. Then the jewel is connected to a chain with handmade links between the chain and the jewel and the chain and the lock.

Now the jewel is ready and shining bright. To finish the process, the jewel is packed in a beautiful box to protect it on its journey to you before your shared story begins. The box itself is a masterpiece and works brilliantly to decorating your room or keeping your Luv North or other jewelry in one place or safe during the night.

Good luck and happiness with your work and all other activities too!

Did you find this information of your jewel delighting?

Photos: Bettina Lamspringe