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21/22 – Luv North: Spotted on media

Who wore our silver necklace to a movie press day? How many times Luv North has featured in Anna – the biggest women’s magazine in Finland? Talking about magazines, go check the details on this Issue.

We have been offline for quite some time now, sorry folks! Combining so many awesome projects at the same time can be quite a time and energy consuming, don’t you agree? To help you stay on the cutting edge of Luv North, we’ve compiled a list of media and press where you have seen us lately.

To some of us, fall is the only time of the year when you actually have time to do the things you’re normally too busy to do. Days are getting darker and you have more time to pick up the pile of magazines you’ve been planning to read during the year. Also, in recent Me Naiset magazine (41/2022) you can spot the Moon necklace and read our designer Maryam Razavi’s interview.



References and photo credits:

  1. 2022: Spotted on Antti Tuisku´s music video. Photo Atte Tanner.
  2. 2022: Vappu Pimiä, wore a Luv North Hoops in the popular TV program Maajussille Morsian and Suurmestari TV Program. Photos: Suurmesteri and Maajussille morsian / MTV Oy.
  3. 2021: Super-skilled pop artist Tuuli wore Luv North’s jewelry in the Gogin kantabaari TV program. Photo: Tuuli´s photo: Gogin kantabaari / YLE Kioski.
  4. 2022: Miss Finland Essi Unkuri wore Luv North’s jewelry in the Puoli seitsemän TV program. Photo:Essi Unkuri´s photo: Puoli Seitsemän / YLE.
  5. 2022: Actress Sara Parikka and actress Johanna Puhakka are hosting a well-known podcast called Papupata. Photo: Spotify / Papupata Podcast.
  6. 2022: Super-skilled actress Minka Kuustonen wore the Moon Hoops in Kotiliesi magazine. Photos: Kotiliesi / Otavamedia and Ilta-Sanomat / Jonna Öhrnberg.
  7. 2022: Social media influencer Kriselda Mustonen wore the Moon necklace in Me Naiset magazine. Photos: Me Naiset / Sanoma.
  8. 2021: Talented actress Sara Parikka wore the Sun Necklace on Iltalehti. Photo: Sami Kuusivirta / Iltalehti.
  9. 2022: Beautiful miss Finland Viivi Altonen wore the Sun jewelry set on Iltalehti. Photo: Laura Paananen
  10. 2022: Luv North has been featured five times in Anna – the biggest women’s magazine in Finland. Photos: Sanoma, Otavamedia, Fokusmedia.
  11. 2022: Talented actress Iina Kuustonen wore the Sun necklace to a movie press day. Various newspapers (including Iltalehti) published photos of Punttikomedia press day. Photos: Anna-Maria Grönlund / Punttikomedia movie press photos.
  12. Journalist Laura Friman wore the Sun necklace in silver in Helsingin Sanomat. Friman writes a popular column for Finland’s biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. Image: Juha Salminen / Helsingin Sanomat