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The Lock is a pendant for strenght

Spring 2022 brings a new, highly significant piece of jewelry to Luv North’s jewelry collections. The Lock is part of the new Bound collection and is designed by Laura Paananen founder of Luv North. 

The pendant, made of recycled silver, continues with the graceful minimalism that LUV is known for. An engraved keyhole, the emblem “LUV” of Luv North, is engraved on the bottom of the lock with 925 as a sign of the silver content of the jewelry. The pendant is also available in gold-plated silver. The handmade lock is cast in Alppila, Helsinki using a technique that is new for Laura Paananen’s jewelry designs.

When we think of the symbolism of a lock, we often think of the interlocking nature of romantic love. We remember the bridges that are decorated by love locks and couples throwing the lock key into the water as a sign of lasting commitment. For Laura, however, the symbolism of the lock extends beyond love.

The Lock keeps our world still, safe and unbroken. Only the special ones can have the key to our inner selves. It is a lock for all those things that make our life complete: for our loved ones, for the fights that we’ve fought, or for those life-changing promises – everything that keeps our world from falling apart – the Lock is the jewelry for strength. The other aspect of the lock has significant symbolism: opening it. The keys do not belong to the seabed, but only those who have redeemed real trust will bear them and access to the innermost. It is precisely why a sign of this delicate relationship of trust – a keyhole – is engraved on the pendant.

“For me, the Lock symbolizes real trust and the strong bond that arises when you really let someone get close to you. All meaningful relationships should be the same as strong as the locks are. We are always on each other’s side, interlocked, ”says Laura. On the other side of the Lock, it is possible to engrave something significant to the wearer, such as a date or initials. It is a great gift for everyone to the relationships that secure and strengthen us.

“On the other hand, I hope the Lock could also be a gift we can give ourselves. It is a pendant in honor of all the significant things without which the world would not be intact, ”Laura says.

Text: Suvi Annola, Photos: Laura Paananen and Mikael Kuitunen