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Christmas’s most magical gifts – Luv North x The Folks Hotel

Whatever our loved ones deserve – even the moon.

How to express the importance of loved ones, especially now when we have an abundance of material possessions? 

The most loved gifts stand the test of time and are never forgotten. The best ones travel with us throughout our entire lives. For that reason, we decided to combine timeless beauty and unforgettable experiences to this year’s gift ideas in collaboration with the Folks Hotel

The Folks Hotel Konepaja offers gift cards to a staycation in an urban Helsinki milieu. The Folks Hotel concept combines luxury with the convenience of a hostel.  “We see ourselves as an urban lifestyle hotel that has people at the core. We frequently receive positive feedback about the homeliness of our hotel but our customers are also thankful for offering inspiration to the mundane routines of daily life.” says the CEO of Folks Hotels Oy: Aki Keskitalo

The collaboration between Luv North and the Folks Hotel is founded on a mutual value base that combines Nordic values, ecology, and wellbeing. Both offer their customers first-rate quality products without compromising on sustainability. 

“In addition to the shared values, it brings me a lot of joy to see that the Folks is supporting domestic small entrepreneurs – for instance, they have opted for various Finnish ceramics and arts in their interior design. The hotel architecture is spectacularly designed to delight every aesthetic person’s mind and heart” says Laura Paananen from Luv North. 

“We see Luv North’s and the Folks Hotel Konepaja’s customers valuing individuality and experiences as well as sustainability, whether they are something you wear or live”. Aki Keskitalo concludes.

The Moon Hoops

The Folks Hotel offers gift cards with custom value and different gift card packages. To celebrate Christmas the selection includes Luv North’s and the Folks Hotel’s collaborative gift card (HERE), which includes accommodation in the Superior class incl. buffet breakfast for two in the praised restaurant Albina and one gilded The Moon necklace designed by Maryam Razavi

The Moon Necklace in gold


Text: Suvi Annola, Photos: Laura Iikkanen and Laura Paananen