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The Moon by Maryam Razavi

We have the honor to present The Moon, designed by Maryam Razavi, Finnish stylist, model, author, and tv-hostess. Razavi’s first-ever jewelry design collaboration was launched in fall 2019. The Moon is a new drop for her The Universe In You collection. 

 The Moon – The perfect jewelry for a moonchild

“I have always identified myself as a Moon Child. For me, the night is a time to dream and wonder, and I feel most creative at night. The Moon jewelry symbolizes that magical nighttime. Above all, I wish that The Moon reminds its wearer of the magic we all have in us. The design is inspired by a Persian mosaic jewelry box we have had in our home since I was a child”, explains Razavi. 

The Moon Hoops in gold 

The Universe In You – The story behind the name of the collection is simple: we have the whole universe within us. The universe reflects the idea that every one of us is enough just the way we are and everything is connected. Although the message of the collection has a personal meaning to Razavi, she highlights that anyone can relate to the values of family, roots, loyalty, sustainability, and the fact that everything is connected. 

The Moon Necklace in gold

The Moon Necklace in silver

Last but not least, the other side of the Moon pendant has a love letter. It is a hand-written text by Maryam Razavi and it says “You are Magic”.

The Universe In You Collection can be purchased HERE.