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Ask the Designer – Maryam Razavi: What makes jewelry so meaningful for me

This spring, we complemented the Maryam Razavi’s stunning The Universe In You collection with The Hoops earrings. Inspiring fashion expert Maryam – model, stylist, presenter, and designer – sat with us to discuss what jewelry trends will look like in 2021.

What kind of Jewelry trends are you enthusiastic about in 2021?

In the Corona year, I have thrown the trends in the trash and set off more about what I feel is wonderful and empowering. It is crucial to me that clothes and the accessories I wear are the ones that make me feel good and through which I can be more connected to myself.


How do you connect Jewelry to different situations?

I love jewelry, and I am the kind of person who even sleeps with jewelry! I do not have separate casual or party jewelry, I want my jewelry to fit every situation. Even delicate jewelry can be spectacular and perfect for parties, and yet appropriate in cocktail events. My style is relatively carefree, and I tend to adjust my style quickly with accessories – for example, by switching to heels, I can easily shift from one mood to another.

How do you make designed pendants and rings work with different outfits?

Because The Sun pendant and earrings are so graceful, they easily match with different styles and other jewelry. I love layering different jewelry in the same outfit and indeed, I am pretty open-minded about combining jewelry. I can wear for example diamond or pearl jewelry and complement them with other types of jewelry.

What do you think fashion will look like in the near future?

Based on the fashion weeks, the jewelry is trending towards larger pieces on the other hand but also in a more elegant direction. Generally, on trends, there are a lot of translucent, fringes, and beautiful silhouettes. The earthy tones accentuate the colors along with the neon colors. I think many of us have a desire to bloom again after a year spent mostly at home due to Corona.

What does Jewelry mean for you? 

Jewelry means a lot to me. Jewelry is somehow magical – like amulets – and I want the jewelry to always go with me. Jewelry creates meaning through the story it represents. At its best, jewelry has tremendous power: they empower, reminds you about your worth and cultivates your graceful and elegant presence.


Text: Suvi Annola and photos: Laura Paananen