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The little things

What was the latest act of kindness you were shown? Was it a tiny bucket made of the first flowers of the spring? Was it an unexpected warm hug? Was it a considerate but totally unexpected present? Now, who was it from? Your family, your friend, your beloved one?

“This month my closest friends and my brother surprised me totally”, tells Roosa Antinoja from LUV NORTH, “they organized me a surprise birthday party.” Even if she normally likes to have all the strings in her hands, this time the surprise-element made it special. It is often exactly the surprise that makes the act of kindness remarkable and memorable. Hopefully, the memories stay with you for the rest of your life.

Sometimes, and maybe most often, kindness is not so tightly woven to one single moment. Roosa has always experienced the most humble and altruistic love from her family and she feels grateful for all the effort her parents have seen. This kind of everyday love is shown as support in between all the hundreds of hobbies and mounts of homework that often diminish the together-time in a family.

But love is not only taking your beloved ones to the violin classes or to play basketball. No. To Roosa love is also the one-of-a-kind closeness, openness and freedom to show both sorrow and happiness. They laugh and cry together and that’s what makes them a family.

However, finding ways to show love is not always easy. Sometimes you just feel like words and actions are not enough, and suddenly you find yourself browsing different catalogs hoping to find something suitable for your nearest and dearest. “Well, that usually ends up with me leaving the store or shutting the computer down. I’m terrible at gifts”, Roosa laughs. That is why she has come up with other ways of expressing gratitude. “The secret lies in the little everyday gestures! Being nice to the lady at the grocery store brings you good karma”, adds Roosa.

Let’s remember to spread happiness and kindness all around us, always spend all our love and not spare any, let’s remember everyone, especially our nearest and dearest and show them that we care.

Have a nice weekend everyone! 

Photos Bettina Lamspringe

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