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Luv North custom made Jewelry worn by Finnish actress Alina Tomnikov

LUV NORTH designed custom made jewelry for Finnish actress Alina Tomnikov for the premiere of family film Rölli in which she starred as Milli Menninkäinen and Usvasaaren neito. Finnish press, including ANNA, Me Naiset, Seiska and Iltalehti, noted Alina in the premieres of Rölli and Pahan Kukat and interviewed her about the upcoming projects.

The custom made choker was inspired by the 90’s trend that is still going strong this season. After all the minimalism that has been twirling around in the Scandinavian design scene, we wanted to create a piece that represents our current collection in a brand new way. This silver choker is sure to reflect every single ray of light that comes to its way. But beware, being as dazzling as Alina and wearing the LUV choker may cause you ending up in the center spread. You have been warned!


alina_tomnikov_02netti_menaiset_luvnorthPicture credit: Jonna Öhrnberg, Me Naiset magazine (Sanoma Media Finland Oy)
You can also spot Alina wearing the choker here.


The issues presented in the pictures:
ANNA 40/16
Me Naiset 40/16

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