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Designer Stories: Laura

This post marks the beginning of a new series, Designer Stories, where we introduce all our designers more thoroughly. Naturally, we’re starting off with the first designer is our very own Laura, the mastermind behind the brand and our Co-founder.Laura grew up in a home filled with art and creativity, so it was no wonder she fell in love with designing. She made her first own jewelry when she was just 8 years old only using seashells, train tickets, or whatever she got her hands into. By the age of 13, she switched from train tickets to pearls and started to design jewelry for her friends. Later on, she found a friend who was also interested in jewelry making and wanted to teach Laura everything she knew about silver as a material. This was the triggering factor that steered Laura to study jewelry making in Lahti where she was living at that time.

Laura’s design aesthetics relies heavily on storytelling and symbolism, both of which she thinks is supposed to be present in every piece she designs. In her strongest believes she says that every piece she has designs carries two different stories; hers and the ones who carry the jewelry. This creates different layers and more dimension to the jewelry. 

Although Laura is very artistic and creative, she wants to make sure that all her designs can be worn day and night. Material wise, she believes that the world is already under huge pressure caused by the over-consumption and she wants to make sure that she is using as much recycled and ethical materials as possible. Not only the materials she is using have to be recycled, but they also have to be recyclable again. All the pieces she designs are meant to last for decades and collect as many stories as possible.

The LUV Story collection, which is her first full line of jewelry, can be purchased HERE.

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