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A design for Love: the Story Collection

Nowadays, saying someone the three words (and we don’t mean “food is ready”) has encountered inflation. People are not allowed to feel real emotions and when they do, they are too scared/don’t know how to show and share them. We are on a mission to change that.

The brainstorming for the jewelry line started after our designer had encountered numerous mother’s that were longing after a piece of jewelry that they would be able to pass on to their children. Although the mothers were all different from each other, what they had in common was the love they had for their children. The first design, the double coined Mom Story Necklace, is originally a maternity necklace that has two LUV-coins in a silver chain. One bigger to represent the mother, and one smaller to represent the child. The idea is that the mother receives the necklace after the child is born, and carries it until the child is old enough to wear the smaller coin in his neck. All the coins can be engraved to add personality in them.

After the first piece was designed, we decided to take this thinking a bit further, and the Story necklace was born. This necklace represents everything you are and want to be. This is a love letter to yourself. You have made it this far despite all the dark waters. You are here now to make the rest of your days the best of your days. No mountain is too high to conquer, no crack in the pavement is too grand to jump over. This necklace is there to remind you that you should love yourself as you are.

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