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Midsummer love

It’s an old belief that there’s magic in the summer’s brake, when the day becomes shorter again and the night starts to grow longer. There are many Finnish folk beliefs regarding this time of the year. According to one of them, by picking up seven different wild flowers and putting them under your pillow on Midsummer’s Eve, you may see your future love in your dreams. Some of the beliefs are more precise and you should pick the flowers from seven different fields and jump over seven fences separating the fields and only then you will see your true love.LUVNORTH_Summer006 (1)

What is it in yellow wood anemones, bluebells and meadow buttercups that can tell the future? Why is the heart of the summer considered so full of magic?

In Finland the nature is all the more rich once it comes alive in spring. After sleeping throughout the winter the thousand lakes open their eyes to the sky as though they really could see the future. The fields bloom and the trees blossom.

The Finnish nature seems like a living proof of the fact that, actually, nature is love in itself. Love and tranquillity, serenity. You can feel it when you walk in a forest or lie down on the rocks near a lake or the sea. You feel how the sun has loved the earth, brought it to life and even made the rock blush.LUVNORTH_Summer008For Finnish people the nature is extremely important and almost everyone has a forest and a lake, a river or the sea near to where they live. You can find areas consisting of wild nature even in the big cities. And this in addition to all the parks and trees colouring the built metropolis.

The pure nature as well as pure materials and food calm us down and help us find our inner peace. They kind of help us to fall asleep while we are still awake. Authenticity and purity around you helps you to connect and be a natural part of your surroundings – your life. This helps us to see the needs of others in our lives and thus, ultimately, to love.LUVNORTH_Summer007

LUV NORTH interprets the Finnish summer – it’s magic and love – in simple pure forms and beautiful natural materials. Show your love to your closest ones and your surroundings with LUV NORTH.

Hope you have a beautiful Midsummer’s celebration full of love and magic!

Photos by Bettina Lamspringe

Ida wearing  LUV STORY Short

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Finnish Women’s Magazine Anna 15-16/17

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